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Scalar Feeds

The scalar is a high efficiency feed horn that can be matched with a particular LNA/LNB for your application. Available with several different adapter rings for Prodelin, Paraclipse, and other dish manufacturers.
Part Number Description
990005901 SFD-1691.0-0.38 Linear L-band scalar feed for 0.375 F/D antenna
990005903 SFD-1691.0-0.38-PA SFD with Paraclipse antenna adapter ring
990005904 SFD-1691.0-0.38-PR12 SFD with Prodelin 3.7m antenna adapter ring
990005905 SFD-1691.0-0.38-PR8 SFD with Prodelin 2.4m antenna adapter ring
990005902 SFD-1691.0-0.30 Linear L-band scalar feed for 0.30 F/D antenna
990005906 SFD-1691.0-0.30-PR10 SFD with Prodelin 3.0m antenna adapter ring

Low Noise Downconverters

The LNA/LNB family of amplifiers and downconverters are high quality, low noise temperature units.
Part Number Description
990005501 ESD-1691.0-137.5 L-band low noise block downconverter w/ preselect filter
Datasheet (PDF format)
990005502 ESD/HG-1691.0-137.5 High gain version of ESD (special order)
Datasheet (PDF format)
990007301 LNB-1691.0-137.5 L-band very low noise block downconverter
Datasheet (PDF format)
990007304 LNB/HG-1691.0-137.5 High gain version of LNB (special order)
Datasheet (PDF format)
990007302 LNB-2242.5-70.0 S-band very low noise downconverter
990009501 MSGD-1691.0-137.5 MSG compliant downconverter
990006301 XSD-8.02/8.42-720 X-band synthesized downconverter
Datasheet (PDF format)

Integrated Feed / Downconverters

High quality integrated feed and downconverters. Systems for L, S, and X bands
Part Number Description
990006502 IFD-1702.5-137.5-CDPF L-band circular feed with low noise downconverter and preselect filter
990006501 SLFD-2252.5/1702.5-137.5-C Dual band S and L-band circular feed downconverter
Datasheet (PDF format)
990007201 XLFD-1702.5-137.5-C Dual band X and L-band feed with low noise X-band LNA and L-band low noise downconverter with preselection filter

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